People Before Politics

My name is Philip Brewer, and I would be honored to represent the people of Allen as your next Councilmember for Place 5.
Understanding that safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to our community, I will continue to support our first responders with the resources they need to keep Allen one of the safest and healthiest cities in Texas and the nation. 
By listening to the financial priorities for you and our community, I will remain focused on fiscal responsibility and innovative vision. I will work to maintain one of the lowest tax rates in Collin County through an optimal mix of businesses and residences as we plan the future. 
With your support and partnership, I will continue to be fully committed to our community and quality of life. Our residents must continue to enjoy our excellent parks, recreational centers, trails and library and seek out opportunities for enhancement. My passion and commitment to this community will ensure all residents feel valued and heard and that every decision impacting our city, now and in future planning, should be made with thoughtful consideration for all of Allen. 
As your councilmember, I will always do my best to honor the foundation laid by our previous leaders and will focus on smart, innovative strategies for the future. Carrying on the great legacy of Allen and working to keep our community one of the best places to live in the country will always be priorities.
Don't forget the deadline to register to vote is April 1, 2021. Early voting is April 19-27, 2021, and election day is May 1, 2021. 
Philip Brewer
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Public Safety & Wellness

Allen has been ranked as one of the safest cities in the country for years, and that is because our police  and fire departments have been historically valued and essential functions of our local government. Without safety, Allen would not be the great community it is today. We can maintain this quality of life through the following. 

  • Ensure we provide our first responders with the appropriate funding to meet the changing needs of the departments by investing in more training, mental health support, and fair and equitable pay. 

  • Provide increased support in our recruiting efforts so that we can continue to attract the best, most qualified candidates for our community.  

  • Listen for opportunities to improve communication, strategy and collaborative planning with police and fire so that we remain attentive to the need of our first responders. 

Fiscal Responsibility & Vision

Allen has been fortunate to enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in Collin County, and we need to ensure our community is always looking forward in order to preserve this benefit and keep our local economy thriving. My vision includes: 

  • Investing in business, small and large, in order to stimulate economic growth. 

  • Ensuring we don't just develop along 121 but are intentional about the businesses we solicit and work to bring to Allen. 

  • Focus on the value proposition and return on investment business relocations will experience in Allen. 

  • Be strategic and innovative in planning around city tax rates now and looking to the future. 

Committed to Community

A community is more than a group of people living in the same place. Community is relationships, family, laughter and even heartache. As residents of Allen, we are connected and that's why I am committed to the following. 

  • Being a leader who listens and respects all views, backgrounds and opinions. Effective communication starts and ends with active listening. 

  • Providing opportunities and platforms for all voices to be heard. 

  • Encouraging and engaging more civic involvement from our residents. 

  • Preserving our quality of life through continued support of our wonderful parks, trails and community amenities. 

  • Smart, sustainable investment in our city's infrastructure and public works. 


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